A collection of news, articles and other featured content about January / February 2014.

A collection of news, articles and other featured content about January / February 2014.

January / February 2014

    • Food Marketing Institute and Stagnito Media to Partner

      "The missions of FMI and Retail Leader are closely aligned: to provide information about the highest standards and quality of the food supply in the world." – Harry Stagnito, President and CEO
    • What Makes an Idea "Good"?

      Or so said American scientist, activist and educator Linus Pauling.
    • Times & Trends: Opportunities for private label and national brands lie in collaboration

      During the past year, national brands captured share across five of the 10 largest CPG categories, and share of dollar sales remains 18 percent. Private label share has also increased across half of the largest CPG categories, with drug, convenience and dollar channels showing the most momentum.
    • Remodeling and the Bottom Line

      retailers are constantly looking for ways to differentiate themselves. Many are turning to store remodels to enhance the shopping experience and increase trip frequency.
    • Leading by Example

      Sen began her career at Zayre Corp., which at the time was a conglomerate of retail businesses, including BJ's. She spent a decade there, then managed a transfer to BJ's when Zayre spun off its warehouse club business in the late 1980s.

      In the "old days"–which still exist in many stores–it was as simple as translating signs and labels into another language. Then it became a matter for a designated individual, or a team in larger organizations, who offered advice and recommendations that may or may not have been followed.
    • What Makes an Idea Stick

      Yet the squishy tubes that make spoonless yogurt consumption possible, and cost more per ounce than yogurt in a tub, didn't exist until 1999.
    • FRESH/PERISHABLE FOODS: Fresh Is a Good Source of Green

      Fresh and perishable foods are an important profit center for food retailers, who are expanding their offerings and improving their display facilities.
    • Evalution EVALUTION

      In reality, that's how every company would like its employees to perform, but how can this ideal be encouraged, and measured?
    • What's Your Strategy for 2014?

      Here is a short list of topics for you to consider in thinking about change:
    • Protecting Privacy

      to improve loyalty programs that maximize the customer experience. But the data collection that comes along with these programs has raised concerns about individual privacy.
    • Detailing the Retail Landscape

      many retailers are rolling out a "click-and-collect" shopping model that allows shoppers to make their grocery purchases online and then pick up their wares at a designated location.

    A collection of news, articles and other featured content about January / February 2014.