Walmart Steps Up Store Design with Interactive Concept

Walmart has unveiled a new store concept with interactive features at its incubator store in Springdale, Arkansas.
walmart interactive promo

The new concept is dubbed “Time Well Spent” and aims to frame Walmart as a place where customers want to spend time. The most prominent aspects of the store redesign involve physical elements, including lighting, space enhancements, dynamic displays and more. 

The space features QR codes and digital screens to create digital exploration opportunities for customers. According to the company, the concept is based on Walmart’s aim to make customers feel wowed and proud when they shop, giving them the ability to touch, feel and try products.

The retailer began the first phase of its store redesign last year, with a focus on navigation and wayfinding. Walmart has since renovated close to 1,000 stores with new designs that can help customers save time finding what they need.

For its new interactive concept, Walmart tapped its visual merchandising experts to bring the “human element” to life. 

The design has a handful of guiding principles:

  • Activated corners. The design leverages displays at the corners of certain departments to pull customers in and help them touch, feel and become a part of the space. For example, a setup in the home category may feature pillows customers can squeeze or blankets they can feel, and then buy online or in-store.
  • Elevated brand shops. Leveraging the store-within-a-store experience, Walmart is bringing in more brands in apparel, elevated displays in the baby section and a beauty section that showcases exciting shops with new and trending items, and where men’s grooming tools can be seen and experienced.
  • More space to discover. In these new reimagined spaces, Walmart optimized assortment to elevate storytelling that draws customers in.
  • Digital touchpoints. Using the stores as an initial display of the great variety of products and brands, the redesign uses strategic use of QR codes and digital screens. For example, in the Pets area, a customer may scan the QR code to find additional dog bed options, learn about Walmart’s pet insurance service options or have a 20-pound bag of kibble delivered to their door.

“We’ll continue to test, learn, and make changes based on what our customers tell us,” Alvis Washington, vice president of marketing–store design, innovation and experience, wrote in a post about the redesign. “As we do that, we’ll quickly adjust and deliver an even better, more engaging experience in 2022 and beyond. After all, when customers choose to shop in-store with us, we want them to feel wowed and inspired––and that their time was well spent.”