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Tech Improvements Key to Consumer Happiness, CX Research Shows

Elizabeth Christenson
Editor, Retail Leader Pro
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Pro Tip: Retail and technology align in their desires to improve customer experiences and evolve the shopping process. But, even as technology advances, it’s important for the industry to understand the practical applications of these advancements in order to truly solve problems for consumers. (Click here to jump to the full RL Pro Analyst Take below.)

Prioritizing customer experience (CX) has become critical for retailers looking to retain loyal customers. In fact, recent Zendesk research found 70% of consumers spend more with retailers that offer fluid, personalized and seamless CX. In turn, 71% of retail leaders say strengthening business resilience through customer service will become a top priority during this economic downturn, Zendesk reported. One key area retailers plan to spend in 2023 is improving CX technology, and research shows these improvements will be integral to consumer loyalty.

Self-Checkout, Smart Cart and Vending CX

For example, new research from Shekel Scales showed that 90% of consumers believe technology will significantly improve the overall shopping experience. While nearly 60% of consumers wanted technology that speeds up and simplifies the self-checkout process, more than 30% of respondents expressed a desire for technology that helps them get in and out of the store as fast and as easily as possible.

“According to our consumer survey, a positive or enhanced shopping experience could include improved and simplified self-checkout processes,” Nir Leshem, Shekel’s CEO, told Retail Leader Pro. “By implementing consumer-demanded improvements, retailers can increase brand recall and strengthen brand associations. Both of which contribute to brand loyalty and even brand advocacy.”

Key findings of the Shekel’s survey include:

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