A collection of news, articles and other featured content about Summer 2017.

A collection of news, articles and other featured content about Summer 2017.

Summer 2017

  • Perception and reality

    Headlines about the demise of physical retail have become common, but the 37,000 people who gathered in Las Vegas in May see things differently.
  • Make It Mine

    The rise of digital media has brought power to the fingertips of today's shopper.
  • The Unsung Grocery Heroes

    The entrepreneurial spirit of the food retail industry is embodied in the role of the store manager. Arguably, no other industry position is so in tune with the community, so motivated by the personality and determination of an individual or so resilient in the face of competition.
  • Beyond the Smartphone

    Predictions about the future and the influence of technological innovations seem to know no bounds and often sound implausible.
  • The Retail Leader 100
  • Ready to Rebound

    As with much of retail, the private brand industry has undergone a dramatic transformation during the past decade. The recession that began in 2007 spurred demand for store brands, and thanks to satisfaction with product quality demand remained intact as economic conditions improved.
  • CatMan 2025: Visions for the Future

    Today's category managers are inundated with new sources of shopper insights, marketing methods, ways of collaborating and competitive issues. The fundamentals of category management as a business process remain intact as do some persistent challenges related to data management.
  • The Fresh Supply Chain Rethinking

    Produce has been the star of the show for food retailers for a long time. Looking to communicate an image of freshness and quality from the moment shoppers arrive in store, grocers have moved packaged goods away from center stage while positioning produce as the focal point of the store.
  • FUN FACTOR: Do consumers think shopping is "fun?"

    The news sounds bleak if you listen to the latest on store closings and how the in-store experience is dying, with many citing a disconnect in shopper experience. However, that view would be wrong, according to Market Track's most recent Shopper Insight Survey.
  • Innovation Obsession

    How retailers and suppliers think about innovation today has changed dramatically because their survival is at stake.
  • Dynamic Pricing De-Mystified

    Retailers are being hit by the awareness that always-on customers, who are price loyal rather than retailer or brand loyal, do price comparisons 24/7. This has prompted a surge of interest from retailers on the topic of dynamic pricing.
  • A Multicultural Moment

    Ethnic grocers are playing an increasingly important role for communities as a gathering place that provides a sense of culture and connection.
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A collection of news, articles and other featured content about Summer 2017.