A collection of news, articles and other featured content about July / August 2014.

A collection of news, articles and other featured content about July / August 2014.

July / August 2014

    • From Cash Registers to Cash flow

      It's a challenge with a lot at stake. Strong capital management gives companies the quickest, cheapest and most versatile form of capital: cash reserves. Top industry players are using strong net cash balances for purposes like paying off debt and expanding.
    • Whom Do You Trust? A Shopper's Dilemma

      A Letter from the Vice President, Consumer/Community Affairs and Communication As skepticism grows and public cynicism escalates, shoppers are left wondering who is worthy of trust.
    • Happy Anniversary!

      The retail industry has embraced the only publication dedicated to its executive management. And to commemorate this milestone, I thought it would be interesting to revisit some of the more notable thoughts that leading retailers shared with us during the past three years.
    • Recognizing Unsung Heroes in Food Retail

      FMI Connect award programs recognize store-level managerial, culinary and wellness employees and programs that contribute to improving the company and the communities they serve.
    • Reject Complacency

      Ask the average consumer in the Unites States the question, "Who is Nestlé?" and you're most likely to get the response: "Chocolate." But even the briefest glance at the company's portfolio of brands makes it clear that, in reality, the global Nestlé organization is much, much more.
    • Top Speakers Draw Retailers to GMA Leadership forum

      Retail Leader had the unique opportunity to get a sneak peek at a few educational sessions of most interest to our readers. GENERAL SESSIONS Nikesh Arora, Chief Business Officer and Senior Vice President, Google, Inc.
    • Employee Food Safety Training - The Foundation of a Food Safety Culture

      Retailers face a number of food safety challenges: supply chains are becoming more and more complex; regulatory requirements are increasing; consumer preferences are changing; prepared foods offered at retail are expanding; and our workforce is changing.
    • Coupons: Coupons Getting Discounted

      Less than half of survey respondents still offer them, and their formats vary wildly in every respect. Perhaps no aspect of CPG retailing is in a greater state of flux than coupons–what form they should take, where they should come from, and whether they should even exist.
    • What's On Your Mind?

      A large portion of my time as editor of Retail Leader is spent sifting through and reading the mountain of information that's made available to me every day.

    A collection of news, articles and other featured content about July / August 2014.