Grocers have a new tool for driving traffic

Shopkick says its new Grocery app will give consumers opportunities to earn rewards during trips to the grocery store. For grocers and brands, Shopkick says the new app will drive a consistent and measurable stream of foot traffic, product engagement and in-store sales.

After a year of research, product development and testing, Shopkick found that the new grocery app drove key shopping behaviors, inspiring beta users to:

  • Boost basket size: spend nearly twice what the average American spends in grocery/drug or mass retail, $59 per visit vs. $32
  • Fuel frequency: earn rewards in grocery stores 2.2 times per week on average, compared to the U.S. average of 1.5 trips to the grocery store each week
  • Increase engagement: engage 33 percent more with products at the shelf than users without the Shopkick Grocery product
  • Prove more purchases: submit receipts for rewards 70 percent more frequently than users without the Shopkick Grocery product

“Emerging technology is forcing both grocers and brands to rethink their approach to engaging consumers,” said Shopkick CEO Bill Demas. “If the Sunday circular isn’t already irrelevant in your area, it will be soon. The next generation of shoppers are digital natives who not only want the savings their parents found in those pages, but also expect more personalized and rewarding interactions. Shopkick is helping to solve both sides of the equation – providing a way for brands and retailers to deeply connect with and reward their customers, while satisfying the requirements of today’s consumers.”

Some of the new Shopkick Grocery features now open to partners include:

  • Grocery Offers Tab: dedicated section featuring branded lookbooks, videos and offers, helping users easily discover new products
  • Shopping List: one tap gets products on consumers’ shopping lists before they head to the store
  • Recipes: simple, everyday recipes inspire brand affinity and loyalty, with seamless shopping list integration
  • Kicks for Purchase: high value rewards provide an alternative to traditional coupons for everyday buying while preserving margins