Digital Editions > July/August 2018

  • Gain an ‘unstructured’ advantage

    Retailers can win with experience and personalization initiatives, but doing so requires a fresh perspective and new ways of working with different types of data.
  • Perfect strangers: personalization & privacy

    Data is a hot commodity in the age of personalization. Companies looking to leverage it effectively have to balance their desire for customer intimacy with customers’ desire for anonymity.
  • Why 99 Cents Only isn't a dollar store

    Jack Sinclair became CEO of 99 Cents Only in January and he’s intent on transforming perceptions of the company and accelerating growth with help from big brands and former executives from Walmart, Sam’s Club and Albertsons.
  • The art of reinvention

    Retail Leader visited NCR's new digs adjacent to the Georgia Institute of Technology in the Midtown area of Atlanta for a conversation with Dirk Izzo, Senior Vice President of NCR’s Industry Solutions Group and Tom Chittenden, Vice President and General Manager of NCR Retail Solutions.
  • Inventing the Future

    Want to understand where the retail industry is headed? Start by listening to the vision of Dr. Pallab Chatterjee, the Chairman and CEO of Symphony RetailAI, a company whose artificial intelligence solutions are helping retail and CPG transform.
  • The ethics of AI in a price-transparent world

    Data science-based capabilities, including machine learning and artificial intelligence, are gaining momentum in the retail industry as retailers seek to connect more meaningfully with their shoppers.
  • A rising force in healthcare

    An increase in self-care among all age groups is creating a new retail healthcare reality.
  • Click and collect reality check

    Digital technologies are elevating shopper expectations while retail supply chains look to keep pace with customer expectations for flexible fulfillment and product returns options.